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Energy Law

This highly regulated sector has always been strategically one of the most important and complex industries, which directly or indirectly dictates the world’s economic trends. There are many challenges facing this industry: resource depletion, price increases, research into new energy sources, and environmental issues.

Our legal team can readily deal with the intricacies of the industry by combining our profound understanding of specific energy sectors, utilities regulatory regimes, as well as various energy market categories starting from power generation, transmission, licencing, state aid, distribution, to supply and trading, with expertise from other legal areas. We also are well-equipped to handle all litigation matters if necessary.

We advise public utilities, oil & gas companies, distribution and storage companies, exploration companies, power generation facilities, power traders, alternative energy suppliers, public agencies, and development firms.

Environmental Law

Sustainable is Smart

The most burning topics of modern-day business are sustainability and environmental issues. Sustainable business has become a prerogative for modern-day business operations and even financing.

We assist clients in handling all environmental matters, including permitting, licensing and general environmental compliance, and support industrial and commercial companies in resolving various environmental issues.

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